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Serum 1.01 beta is up in the reg'd user forum on http://t.co/5VOdhvSnQI .w/ a bunch of fixes + a much lower memory footprint!
RT @dontyler47: @steve_duda Did you see this one? http://t.co/8f9ShQqcsG Gorgeous.
So much interesting patch stuff showing up already for Serum :-) https://t.co/OF9laqf84w
Good news, everyone! Just reduced Serum's memory footprint by a whole lot..
RT @olilarkin: you could be the proud owner of the Alpha Juno 1 used on Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up http://t.co/WZfGBHSY2U
RT @officialrezz: @steve_duda THANK YOU for serum! BEST synth in the world. Created this first day using it ! https://t.co/DGUpt5Wf0w
RT @jeremylim: I pit @xferrecords' #Serum up against the #VirusTI at hypersaws. I now have huge sounds wherever I go. http://t.co/Advu7wqz2L
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