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Friday, time for a beer #yolo http://t.co/1BH0ZUT4mq
yesterday: locked in interest rate on mortgage refinance. today: feds announce interest rate hike. <successkid.jpg>
Serum 1.05b3 is atop the Serum forum on http://t.co/OF9k0scvhi
deadmau5 drives a Tesla -> my google news algorithm has a heart attack
Math quiz: There's 64 mg of caffeine per fl.oz in espresso. The half-life of caffiene is 5 hours. Q: Can I have another please?
One of these days, I'm quite sure, PayPal is going to send me a survey asking me for feedback on the quality of their surveys...
April Fools day and Tax day in the same month... co-incidence??
5 hours, 1 bug (a short film for sickos)
LFOTool 1.5 is almost done.. will be a free update as always!
I swear, they get younger every year. https://t.co/sihScZCprG
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