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Nirvana Nevermind turns 25... and in other news, holy shit I'm old.
Dear Trap, I'm sorry for teasing you in front of everyone last night...
I'm sorry my rider explicitly stated no Trap
It's ok I'm supposed to be drunk right now
RT @mrtommyland: It's on fuckers! WTF @ mansion tonight with all the the beautiful cats! @mrtommyland @deadmau5 @steve_duda @djaero ..... o…
protip: put lanyard strings on your dongles. Cuts searching your desk/bag time by 50% and makes it harder to lose.
#Serum https://t.co/hhZnc7A64L
.@hinchtown good luck on Dancing With the Stars tonight!! https://t.co/nGXD9KmqMY
Sunrise set! Genderless bird not pictured https://t.co/5yM9UZbG9l
RT @mattetti: 😂😂😂use Emojis to create awesome tracks with @steve_duda’s Serum (free download of presets & projects on @splice) https://t.co
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