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one more bug report and I go Seppuku! https://t.co/Hrprb1uyF3
in 2017, you're honestly not sure whether or not you have a MySpace account.
2016 summary in video metaphor format: https://t.co/tXde2pm5Zb
Why does everyone keep saying "happy new year" when in fact this year is sad and old?
RIP red Solo Cup inventor
RT @notdylanjames: Admission: I've only looked at Serum's manual a handful of times. Read the entire thing this morning (yeah) and found so…
business idea: combine email inbox with Fruit Ninja
sounds about right. Dare I click "report"? https://t.co/1VOFzBDy5v
It's my half birthday and nobody seems to care 🎻
Steve's Twitter
No shows right now!
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