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I'm confused... is it 05:08:14 or 05:08:15 right now? please reply soon.
so well thought out and executed! https://t.co/1jVKeYt3mA
almost done with the Serum preset browser :) i'll get a beta build up this week!
RT @mattetti: very good and thorough book on pattern classification (furthermore, it's written by @steve_duda's father!) http://t.co/V27skx
On this day in 1994: the Illuminati selected Drum and bass over my competing genre submission, Bagpipes and midrange.
bass > database
Every Halloween, Ableton Live should display itself as Ableton Dead.
Lady with dog: "don't worry, she's friendly." Me: "I'm not."
I'm glad "unicorn" and "taco" are coming to Emoji. Finally I have a way to convey I'm eating unicorn tacos without typing it.
Ive used @synergydev for a good 10 years, but something about moving my PC mouse cursor to my OSX laptop still warps my mind.
wait for the drop... ah, there. http://t.co/TlKjxRpI7U
I bought myself a 2u rackmount drawer for my birthday. #YOLO
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