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RT @virtual_riot: This is one Serum preset. https://t.co/iFcaTouweP No post-processing @steve_duda
Cool vid about dance history with my pals @amancalledbunny @12thplanet @crystalmethod https://t.co/BXFcyQLG3h
I hate being mixed in with a bunch of sober people who slept.
.@mrtommyland on the shortlist of personal roller coasters.. Speechless http://t.co/i6NIL868OF
RT @equipboard: Check out @mat_zo using @xferrecords Serum... not quite how you'd expect! http://t.co/7AaGlpcgSm cc @steve_duda #synth #plu
Deadmau5 shampoo brand revealed! producers everywhere shocked and horrified! http://t.co/7eg0ekySPB
TripAdvisor would be a good name for a peyote shaman.
Deer keep eating my plants #TheresSomeDoesInThisHouse
Just got handed an AMAZING preset bank for Serum in the final stages... might have to make this one an "official" expansion Lib!
#shadeballs #notextneeded
A new Serum build is up: Preset resampling to wavetables / Render warp mode to WT + more! http://t.co/OF9k0scvhi
rekt https://t.co/uDSFkuJ0C6
RT @teslamotors: Charger prototype finding its way to Model S. https://t.co/L9E4MR642G
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