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RT @valhalladsp: @steve_duda It makes me sad to see how quickly the Lymph Moon of October 2009 has been forgotten.
Blood Moon was my favorite bodily-fluid-moon to date.
I'll be live tweeting the lunar eclipse all night.
Cthulhu 1.04 is in the Cthulhu registered user forum on http://t.co/DfzwqKqavm with an arp sync fix!
today my email decided to impersonate a @tjr tune.. http://t.co/0y9bw3iT0P
"...can you hear me yet, Google?", he thought to himself.
stats on my upcoming plug-in: months spent: 30 chars typed: 2,353,439 sanity: low
(not recommended) In case you want my ReallyBadRingtones™ for iPhone: http://t.co/CUBLzsNTzf
I'm not sure what @richarddevine 's ringtone sounds like, but I'm sure I'd use it.
I need to change my ringtone. My voice saying "telephone" looping quickly through Bitspeek is too awkward in elevators.
RT @itsreebeltok: @steve_duda entrepreneur much! taking over the global market! https://t.co/NbtdGuaR0a
Business idea: management/bookings/social media/music production/drug rehab
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