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My thoughts on Tokyo https://t.co/fcCS3ZCn4b
Anti anti social social club club
There should be a rule where you don't have to offer tech support to people who type in allcaps
exercise goals https://t.co/K32nEydHTK
🧐Who's spinning tonight at Club Serum? https://t.co/gmCjowLjIZ
Almost done moving... Remember the good ol' days when there was an abundance of rack screws? My unracked gear is most displeased.
FOUND - air can used to make Serum air can noise oscillator samples. Bidding starts at $100000 https://t.co/ynK10Dd0cA
BTW offloading a bunch of gear, if anyone likes old dusty gear then please get in touch https://t.co/ql6fLEEjK0
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No shows right now!
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