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RT @iconcollective: On the 3rd day of Xmas, @steve_duda gave to me... Noise Oscillator tutorial videos! http://t.co/dADCYibzKh
How's YOUR day going? http://t.co/pSiAJxi3Qq
In-depth Serum videos I did w/ @iconcollective - a new video posted each day! Here's the intro/first: http://t.co/uNnkbToY8c
here's a peek at your little xmas gift! http://t.co/IenCOTcPvE
To be fair, I did ask for rain. Just not down the inside of my wall.
Has anyone reverse engineered the Maschine USB protocol? asking for a friend.
Thanks Native Instruments for the early Christmas gift! http://t.co/6jDrDlkX4Q
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No shows right now!
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