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Nice day today! Had coffee, played piano.. got married... https://t.co/RBj712VMgL
a new Serum build is up - now with Mod Matrix sorting, improved filter quality, some CPU/RAM improvements, and more! http://t.co/OF9k0scvhi
Serum update has been posted, now with Bandreject filter and more! http://t.co/OF9k0scvhi
new Serum feature of the day - bandreject filter #comingsoon https://t.co/BbvCdBTTwY
When the call it a Duck tour, I didn't know they meant the verb. #toosoon
Business idea: car repair service named Auto Correct
Cthulhu has been updated to v1.1 - large GUI option and more! http://t.co/OF9k0scvhi http://t.co/gRn99lKHEZ
The @zedd show was amazing. I had some good shots but his one wins https://t.co/EAVPjMlSkT
off to see @zedd at this little obscure venue called Staples Center. Oh, and Duda is trending.
Everyone's standing with Ahmed. It's enough to make me want to be a contrarian. #NoMoreClocks
Serum 1.07b1 has been posted: now with loop-marker support for WAV files in the Noise Oscillator! http://t.co/OF9k0scvhi
I'm gonna keep my mid-century house another 30-40 years, then try to pass it off as new.
I just typed a sentence and completed it with a semicolon.
RT @shittyaandrguy: Just make it sound like everything else.
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No shows right now!
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