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Turns out the bug I was looking for was the enemies I made along the way...
from my forthcoming album, "Serum Test Projects" (no, not really... well, maybe) https://t.co/tdZzLhgrHt
One of my favorite sports teams. Lets Go Pears! https://t.co/XCyNpgk6Tg
holy hell... @deadmau5 cube v3 is gonna blow minds 🧠🧹
Firing up old computers is such a trip. I used to work on this? MacOS used to look this bad??
this is the most depressing news article I've read in a while... and that says a lot https://t.co/QqTl1p90XW
RT @mattlange: Thank you, Jon Stewart. As someone who lived in lower manhattan when 9/11 happened, this is incredibly important to me. htt…
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