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My artist name is Make Some Noise. I'm kind of a big deal, you've probably heard all the DJ's mention me...
RT @trifonic: Synthesizer Synthesizer Synthesizer http://t.co/5ohxacaHwW #legowelt
Saying music is nothing but math ... is kinda like saying a sandwich is nothing but math.
From now on, I'm referring to OCD as OC D ... just to twist the knife a little.
wow, nice! RT @jessehufstetler @steve_duda I made a (windows) tool that uses PM to make serum wave tables! https://t.co/iaZv8qlZra
just knocked a glass of water on my laptop plugging in an iLok. Salt in the wound!
LFOTool 1.51 was released today! -> http://t.co/OF9k0scvhi
If you even partially consider texting your dog, it's probably time for sleep
You might be in LA if... Rain is a trending topic
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No shows right now!
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