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I had my phone to my head for 10 minutes thinking I was on hold #PleaseAddArtiticalNoiseFloorToWifiCalling #IfThatHashtagExistsIQuitLife
RT @lancethackeray: tfw you have to go downstairs to add an envelope https://t.co/Hwml85HWUK
$(mixtape_joke) https://t.co/Dls8W4hhnH
working on a new VST #GoodNewsIn5Words
RT @presvillain: --WITH NO *RETRIBUTION?!* #PresidentSupervillain https://t.co/pKBjIp9o1G
sometimes I read .com as .corn with bad kerning. You're welcome.
"Xfer Records is now Xfer, Inc." (it's all still just me, but now I can walk up to strangers and tell them I'm the president)
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