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tfw you're watching your friends mind-blowing stage production but you're distracted by the FOH guy using plugins
this quail outside was making a sound on bar 4 beat 4 for like 32 bars... ...you had to be there, man.
My website contact form has two text fields: "Subject" and "Body". It's amusing how many non-english people put "Male" for body.
It appears that an artillery testing sign is effective barrier for Jehovahs Witnesses
RT @djaero: Some #WTF? shows with the bros. #seattle #sanfrancisco https://t.co/D4JBDPIbfg
rm -rf /politics
"Excuse me sir, have you heard about the D.A.R.E. program?" "Sorry, I'm anti-anti-drug".
you elected a president with the initials "DJ", so you can't act surprised when he only works 5 hours a week.
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